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Take a break & Get a life!
Listen to the silence in the darkness of CAMP STAY night.

Children in the water park
The good times should not have to end when the sun goes down! It is beyond excited about being outside with the dazzling stars above you. There are plenty of entertaining and fun activities to do during your camp stay night. Camping with your family or friends is the greatest way to spend quality time together. You will spend all your days swimming, riding, and sitting around the warmth of a campfire or bonfire. Every summer tweens flock to overnight camp for experiencing the heavenly feeling for a lifetime. Just the thought of sitting lazily around a bonfire under a clear sky, while listening to the sounds of water, breeze, and grasshoppers can pacify your mind and make you relaxed.
Children in the water park
Well! We all, living in big cities, don’t realize how exciting it would be to stare at those tiny glittery stars up there. Now that you are away from the bright lights and tall buildings of the city, stargazing is a must! Lay down on the blankets and just look up at the sky and you will find your favorite constellations.
If your kid is dreaming to be an astronomer, bring along an astronomy book so that you can give them some related facts that will encourage them a lot. Gazing at the stars is a great way to spend some quality time with your family before calling it a night. Twinkling fairy lights will appeal to your hidden dreams.
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Feel the Night!

Live the darkness and the glittery stars with blazing bonfire. Go on a wild CAMP STAY NIGHT and feel the magic hidden in the darkness. Be crazy with rocking Music.


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