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Wonder World

Have fun-filled rides at the amusement park.

Children in the water park
Rides AND slides - we must be in Wonder World! Located in the very festive-sounding Malatipatapur, Puri, this is the biggest amusement and water park combo in Odisha. It is filled with a LOT of fun - no matter what age!
Before going in-depth into the qualities of this amusement park, put your attention to the fact that Wonder World amusement park is one of the most attractive amusement parks in Odisha. The quality of the surroundings and the place guarantees only one thing that the visitors will not leave without having ultimate fun in the amusement park. You can totally escape from your troubles and problems in this.
This fun water park section of the park has a host of fun adventures, such as wave pools, huge twisting slides, and ones that we can't even describe until you see them! Step into the park, and you will know why it will make a permanent place in the hearts of fun-seekers.
The rides and slides are there to keep you splashing and sloshing for hours together. There are sweet rides, which spin those little ones around and around, or they can bounce gently up and down on their very own seahorse carousel.
Apart from water rides, the premises also have an amusement park with a number of dry rides to keep you fully engaged. There are fun play areas for climbing and places where one can take to the water and cool off during those summer months! The best part is that this water park has rides and attractions designed to thrill visitors of every age. This is a place where you can spend a whole day with your entire family as it offers something for everyone. As this will become your getaway from the hectic life, you won't even want to get out from here.
If you feel tired after all these fun activities, we got you covered. There are delicious foods with a wide variety of menus available to satisfy your hunger. The park has a multi-cuisine fast food center that is a huge hit among visitors. And you can also book places to stay at the resort at reasonable rates.
So, whether you decide to visit the park with your group of friends or family, you can always depend on it to provide complete entertainment for everyone. Book your tickets and enjoy your time with us.

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Wonder world is offering wild camp stay night with your family and friends.